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In today’s advanced and contemporary era, the meaning behind the drone is changing quickly as the new innovative ideas and gadgets are becoming more technological and fair-minded for the semi-professional photographers and gadget lovers. There is now a vast market of devices available under the range of $1200 which while expensive, is still affordable for many. The meaning of “Drone” in the imaginative video photography of inapproachable locations is having the bird eye view from above ground level. The passage to view the high hills, altitudes and locations of many hundred feet changes each and every thing; it depicts completely different scenes of the surroundings. For instance; the scenery of a great beauty that Mother Earth offers such as the Niagara Falls can be viewed from several hundred feet up with a tiny drone device! That is truly crazy. The usage of Drone cameras in weddings is getting more famous day by day. Aerial Photography has become the most suitable type for that big day. In particular, the DJI Phantom 3 Professional Quad copter Flying Camera Drone is one of the best choices for taking all the beautiful pictures and videos of that special day. Let's take a look at 3 affordable choices if you are ever interesting in grabbing your own drone camera: Yuneec Q500 Typhoon Quadcopter: The Yuneeq Q500 Typhoon Quadcopter is the best option for the person who is unable to afford expensive Drone cameras. This camera saves you a significant amount of money and still provides a lot. It's range starts from $1,249 and it even still has the capacity of giving the best quality pictures and videos. This drone camera has the capacity of recording 1080P footage at 60FPS and 16 megapixels of still images! It has a 130 degree field wide angle of lens as well. There are many other features in it such as requiring just 2 Batteries, a charger, Aluminum case, 32 GB micro SD card, Q500 Typhoon Drone, Smartphone Mount etc. This camera carries immense advantages i.e. Live HD view, good customer service, each case carries 6 batteries, 8 GB SD card and 1080P at 60FPS. The drone camera faces only two disadvantages i.e. it has no dual core and no 4K camera. You wouldn't find that at this price range though so let's move on to the next.   DJI Inspire 1: The DJ Inspire 1 is the best camera among all others for a sure fire investment. It has a cutting edge design that permits 2 controls – one handles the drone’s flight and the other is to control camera. This drone camera gives an extraordinary level of control for capturing shots and recording videos. The price of this drone camera is $4,199.00. This drone camera features 2 Remotes, battery charger, high speed memory card reader, aerial camera drone, Lanyard, professional travel case, 64 GB Micro SDHC card, microfiber cleaning cloth, DJITB 48 Intelligent flight battery, trackimo tracker etc. The advance drone camera includes many advantages like it is powerful, Live HD view, modular design permits upgrades, 64 GB SD card, two remote controls and 4K video. It has only one disadvantage of having a very high cost, but it definitely is worth it.   Parrot BeBop Full HD 1080P Fisheye Camera Drone: The parrot bebop fish eye camera drone is the best option if you are looking for a cheap camera with satisfactory results. It has 14 MP Full HD 1080P abilities of fraction. Of course, the low price would have less significant qualities and features. There is no 4K camera and no 60FPS recording. But it does has the ability to record 1080P at 30 FPS and could shot 14 megapixels still images. The parrot bebop camera drone is incredibly easy to control and fly, even without having whistles and rings that the higher cameras does have. It is accessible to use any of the smartphone as a controller device, which operates very well within the range. This Drone Camera includes all the basic features like a charger, lens cap, 2 batteries, extra rotors and a 1080P camera. The camera carries many advantages such as color selection, durable, price, easy to setup and 1080P video. The low cost of this camera shows some of its disadvantages also i.e. the controls becomes apparent with distance at slight lags, only a 100 meter limit to fly when using the smartphone and less overall flight Read more
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Smartphones are everyone's favorite mini pocket devices that amalgamates the mobile facilities with the more common qualities of a portable computer. The smartphones permit people to install new programs and apps, save information, e-mail and much more, and allows you to perform multi-tasking work at one time. Smartphones – A legendary Icon: When the mobiles were first launched in the early days, they were uncomplicated and users mostly bought them for one main purpose: Phone calls. The mobile phone companies were having a business look at their very first production, and the need of sending email to one another was not considered to be the common heed. But now, the supremacy factor of launching new mobile phones has been incredibly increasing to attract more and more people as the craze of having new gadgets is very evident in young adults. So the question arises, to what scope are the smartphones considered to be status symbols rather than just a technological device? Smartphones have gradually overhauled the other tools that people once used to carry with them. Until the 2000s, the simplest mobile phones are able to save all the contact numbers, hence permitting the users to eradicate address book from their lives. Then, people started choosing cell phones to check out the time, hence eliminating wrist watches from their livelihood. On the arrival of advanced smartphones, many devices were replaced. Instead of using appointment books and physical items, the mobile phone overtook all the items. The capacity to access internet and apps, sending and receiving e-mails in no time and place, and storing information are no doubt precious and valuable assets for the users themselves. The word “Status icon” is simply an eager word to denote that a person is enough rich to purchase the item in its first launch and then show off the gadget to others without considering the price and worth. A cheaper watch is more useful than any of the expensive brand ones, however people still want the one that is the status symbol. A smartphone on the other hand is even more valuable and useful, because of how you can access all the features within it that make life so much simpler for you. Smartphone companies know this, and are therefore jacking up the prices because they know people will buy it no matter what. Such a multi-tasking device enabling easy access to information and internet access has acquired a great value in our daily lives. However, there is an addiction of having the new and latest gadgets. A latest model is always appreciated by the gadget lovers. So if the users have opted into new smartphone and the cost is within their range, then they would definitely want to choose the best one they can get. So it becomes a bit of a status symbol as well! And this is quite an economic problem for the average consumer, because technology upgrades almost instantly and there is a new item out in the market in just a years time. You don't even have time to enjoy the latest innovation before a new one comes out. Nowadays, people have their Iphones with a gold shade on it to show it off as a status and fashion symbol. It isn't even real gold, but people don't mind that. It has become a ritual called the “Fashion Phone” that merges all the functions together, and the big companies like Apple and Samsung could be taken as one of the renowned benefactors that are headed towards that path. It will definitely be interesting to see what the latest fashion phones will evolve to, and its sure that these companies are trying to figure that question out right Read more
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We live in a world where technology moves and changes at the speed of light. In order to keep up with the lightning fast pace of the modern technological changes, we present you with the top strategic technology trends for 2015. This list is going to be quite impressive, as well as difficult to understand sometimes. That is because 2015 looks like a primed year for advancements in technology and we are just at the forefront of some really special things that will come out. Now grab your chairs and get ready to be amazed! Prevalence of Computer technology A smart device has become a basic necessity for an average middle class citizen now. The workplaces and public sittings have a connective screen and WiFi so that you remain connected wherever you go. Internet of things (IoT) Internet of things refers to interconnected devices that can interact in a smart manner to make decisions without or minimum human intervention. Shaving Products The beauty sector is also seeing some innovative technological advancements, particularly in regards to shaving. While battery operated products such as beard trimmers and electric razors are taking control of the way men groom their faces, a demand for some innovation is in store. Now, you even see these products with lasers built in so that you can accurately shave yourself in a uniform, even life. Pretty cool right? 3D printing Technological innovations and advanced machinery has enabled fast, better and more efficient 3D printing. On the other hand, it is fast becoming a cost effective solution as well. 3D printing is truly an incredible innovation that is just taking its baby steps right now. Who knows what these machines might do in the future? Advanced, Pervasive, Invisible Analytics With the introduction of IoT, data will multiply in quantity. Bigger data bases and data organizers will be needed. Thus, a huge data pool shall be formed. More questions and answers shall be needed, queries will be formed and they will require quick responses. Context-Rich Systems Today the machines and devices that we carry are smart enough to respond to their environment. They can sense temperature, humidity, danger and even the presence of a living being. Multiple sensors are present in a single device which makes a device extremely sensitive and responsive towards its environment. Smart Machines Along with smart phones and tablets, the concept of smart machines is fast gaining popularity. Automatic sensors and configuration settings which make these machines autonomous enough to know when to perform their specified function and the time to shut down automatically are a huge hit. They usually operate on solar power and are cost effective as well. Cloud/Client Architecture The infrastructure of cloud computing is growing, more devices can be operated using a single app now. Different applications and resources are available simultaneously on several devices at the same time. Software-Defined Infrastructure and Applications Software will form a huge part of our future lives. From keeping track of your work to managing events and data, software has introduced quite a few efficient solutions Web-Scale IT Websites like Google, Amazon, Facebook use scaling architectures and infrastructures. These configurations able them to manage their continuously updated data effectively. These consist not of a single system but several addresses and sources which are combined in a way that data is efficiently Read more
Future of Self-driven Car Technology No Comments
  Earlier this year, the manufacturers of the Smart Self-driven car technology announced that these cars would be put to test in real life scenarios. The test ground, chosen for the autonomous self-driven cars, was the Palo Alto, California. However the successful launch of the highly anticipated autonomous cars was shortly marred by a series of unfortunate accidents. The rumors and news of the reported accidents have raised a genuine public concern regarding the reliability of this technology whereby quite a few people have been questioning the timing of the test drives in real life scenarios. Thus far, the manufacturers have not addressed the rising public concerns in detail. However after the recent incident of a near collision between twoautonomous cars of different self-driven cars manufacturers, the public confidence in this technology has plummeted even further which prompted a response from one of the directors of the self-driven or autonomous car project. The incident in question occurred as one of the self-driven cars tried to cut off another car during the lane change test. The director has rejected the public concerns saying that the cars were completely safe given that of all the reported minor accidents, none had occurred due to the fault of the autonomous car. Though the self-driven cars have been designed to operate without a brake or steering wheel, the manufacturers have added the feature of removable brake and steering wheel to convert an autonomous car to a conventional man-driven car, if the need may arise. The autonomous car manufacturing companies maintain their position that none of the accidents occurred due to the fault with the autonomous system. All the accidents have been attributed to manual driving state and/or a man had been blamed for the fault. Despite repeated assurances of the autonomous car technology proponents, the public response has largely been skeptical which indicates flailing trust in the technology. In order to make this technology a success, following obstacles need to be overcome. 1. Software As with all other innovative technologies, the autonomous cars are heavily dependent on the software. The difficulties with the design of reliable software include the long period of operation. Thus far, nosoftware has been designed for any device, smart or conventional, which did not run into a bug or encountered stalling problems over time. 2. Precise Maps In order for its operation to be successful, the self-driven must precisely be able to see every nook and corner of the streets and roads it is driving on. This implies that precise map designing at a massive scale would have to be initiated so as to make this technology a global phenomenon. 3. Enhanced Sensors While the human mind is remarkably efficient at recognizing a danger and evaluatinga quick response to it, the sensors of a self-driven car lack in this area. In order to initiate this technology at a massive scale, the autonomous cars must be equipped with better sensors which should be capable of emulating human decision and evaluation process as close as possible. The future of autonomous car technology is subject to quite a number of obstacles. However, if the obstacles are removed, the future of this technology seems Read more
The Non-Invasive Blood Glucose Monitoring Technology No Comments
Diabetes Mellitus is a chronic disease in which the human body becomes deficient in insulin, the pancreatic hormone that regulates the level of glucose in blood. It is a complicated disease because it gives rise to many other problems including blindness and cardiovascular diseases which further aggravate the situation. However if a close check is maintained on the blood glucose level, then the complications may be avoided. The conventional methods of blood glucose measurement involve the draw of a blood sample using the lancing techniques which is painful and uncomfortable. As such, this method is not particularly useful for frequent glucose level measurement. As opposed to that, a non-invasive blood glucose monitoring device forgoes the pricking method to draw blood and thus measures the glucose level non-invasively. The use of non-invasive devices, like the pulse-oximeter, in order to measure different human body parameters has become increasingly common. In that regards, there is a lack of a dependable blood glucose monitor that could measure blood glucose level non-invasively. The need of a continuous, pain free method to measure blood glucose level is apparent. The basic concept involved in infrared spectroscopy is stated as the absorption of certain specific wavelength of the infrared light into an infrared-active element or compound when it passes through it. The infrared active compounds are the ones that depict changing dipole moments on the basis of their orientation as they are exposed to near infrared light. Glucose is one of the compounds that respond to infrared rays by absorption of radiations of some particular wavelengths. This implies that the exposure of blood to infrared light will result in glucose level detection due to the change in absorption parameters. However the problem becomes complicated due to the presence of other such compounds and components in the blood as well as tissue which are receptive to infrared light Water Lipids Cholesterol Proteins Hemoglobin Some of the most worked upon non-invasive glucose monitoring techniques include the fluorescence technique, impedance spectroscopy, thermal emission spectroscopy, and electromagnetic sensing. However, these techniques are highly sensitive to physical parameters of the skin and tissue like, skin pigmentation, redness, epidermal thickness, temperature, etc. and thus cannot be used independently to measure accurately the blood glucose level. near infrared absorption spectroscopy In near infrared absorption spectroscopy the weak spectral band of glucose overlaps with the stronger bands of water, hemoglobin, protein and fats. Thus multiple measurements need to be carried out using several wavelengths. NIR scattering technique In NIR scattering technique, physiological effects unrelated to glucose concentration could produce variations in scattering coefficient. Raman spectroscopy In Raman spectroscopy, instability of laser wavelength and long acquisition time are major drawbacks. Polari-metry technique Polari-metry technique is very sensitive to scattering properties of tissue, as scattering depolarizes the signal. And that basically sums up the different types of technology associated with diabetes. As you can see, technological advancements are vital not just in the entertainment sector, but also the important ones like Read more